Easy way to keep lashes healthy – the eye is the window to the heart. Beautiful eyes will certainly make people more confident. In order to maintain eye beauty, eyelash health must also be considered.

Easy way to keep lashes healthy

You don’t want to, do you, have lashes that fall out easily and look less dense? Follow these tips for maintaining healthy lashes from PT Sung Shim International.

  1. Avoid wearing mascara every day

beautiful everyday make-up does not always require you to wear mascara in layers. Sometimes, just by playing a pretty eye-shadow color you can look your best without the need for mascara. This will allow the pores of your lashes to breathe and the roots to become stronger.

  1. Avoid waterproof mascara

You will understand how difficult it is to remove mascara that is waterproof. You need a makeup cleanser that is really effective, and often expensive to be able to remove it. Finally, you have to repeat the cleaning process, and this can make it brittle. Therefore, if you don’t really need it, you don’t need to wear waterproof mascara.

  1. Apply petroleum jelly before bed

Petroleum jelly, aka vaseline, has long been said to be able to grow lashes effectively, which can make them appear longer and thicker. You only need to apply one time to each eye before going to bed to keep it moisturized. Don’t use too much, yes, because it can actually block air circulation.

  1. Try an eyelash serum

Now many cosmetic brands have released eyelash serum products. This product aims to strengthen the roots of your lashes, so they won’t become brittle even if you wear mascara a lot. This serum is proven to be effective in maintaining the beauty and health of your lashes. But don’t make this serum an excuse to ‘torture’ your lashes with waterproof mascara, huh.

  1. Always wash your hands before touching your lashes

the skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive than the skin on the other side of the face. Just a little dirt or germs can make it itchy or even make your lashes fall out. So, always make sure your hands are clean before doing any treatment on lashes.

  1. Do not heat lashes

Many artists recommend that you heat your lashes while you are wearing them, so they can last longer. But this method can actually damage your lashes! Use enough false eyelash glue and don’t need to heat it, because you will also be removing it later.

  1. Avoid trying extensions

After all, extensions are sure to weigh down the roots of your lashes. Similar to hair, which can fall out over time if you are diligent in doing hair-extensions, your lashes can also fall out due to eyelash-extensions.

Be grateful for the lashes that you have now and avoid doing beauty treatments that will actually make them damaged.

Maybe that’s all the information we can convey to all of you, hopefully the information above can be useful for all of you. Visit the Eyelashes Manufacturer site to get a variety of other interesting information.