Here are 5 Eyeliner that you don’t know yet – Not only South Korea, but Japan is also known to have various beauty products that are craved by many people. J-Beauty brand also offers many beauty products and one of them is eye makeup.

Here are 5 Eyeliner that you don’t know yet

If you feel naked without eyeliner, surely you would prefer eyeliner from Urban Decay or other popular brands. Not many people know, Japan has high-performing eyeliner in almost everything, from its durability to color payoff to ease of application.

So, here are five eyeliner recommendations that we have quoted from the Eyelashes Manufacturer Indonesia website that you may not have heard of, what’s wrong?

  1. Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

This classic liquid eyeliner is created from the best Japanese mascara maker of all time, the presence of this liquid eyeliner will maximize your makeup appearance. This eyeliner from J-beauty brand has a waterproof formula that will stand up to all types of weather.

Not only does it sketch a pretty black line in just one swipe, it will stick to your lids like no other. That’s because this eyeliner is also specially formulated for people with oily eyelids.

So no matter how much you sweat or if you accidentally rub your eyes, this liner is guaranteed to stay on your lids all day long. The soft, flexible brush makes applying very easy especially for beginners.

  1. Koji DollyWink Super Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

If you’re looking for a long-lasting liquid line, try Koji’s DollyWink waterproof liner, which is a Japanese make-up product that is a crowd favorite. It’s really long lasting and will stay strong against sweat, tears and sebum all day long.

This eyeliner is formulated with four types of ingredients for moisturizing beauty care ingredients, such as assembly extract, panthenol, hydrolyzed silk, hyaluronic acid. It’s also a good choice if you want the liquid liner to look slick, because the coating is glossy, like vinyl.

  1. Canmake Creamy Touch Liner

Having a creamy gel texture, it looks like this creamy gel pencil is suitable for those of you who are bored with liquid liners. Canmake’s Creamy Touch Liner looks great as it is bold and a little shimmery to make your eyes pop.

The low drag-tip shape of this eyeliner is formulated to fit your lids. With its slim tip, drawing very fine lines and filling in the gaps between the lashes is simplicity.

  1. MSH Love Liner Liquid Eyeliner

The Love Liner Liquid Eyeliner will give you complete control to draw perfect lines while also being resistant to sweat and sebum. This waterproof and blemish-free eyeliner provides a rich pigment color, so it is highly recommended by beauty bloggers.

This all-day long eyeliner is made with a tiny 0.1mm tip to draw precise, smooth lines. This product also contains beauty ingredients to moisturize the skin around the eye area and can be removed with warm water, making it easier for you to wash your face.

  1. DHC Liquid Eyeliner EX

DHC’s liquid eyeliner is loved by many because of the smooth glide and the pen applicator that fits snugly in the hand, both of which make it very easy to get sharp, clean lines. The formula, which is claimed to be waterproof, also makes many people recommend this eyeliner.

If you want to stand out, this eyeliner will create the perfect cat eye look, but if you want to look simple you can also make your eyes look natural.

Maybe that’s all we can say to you all, hopefully the information above can be useful for all of you. Don’t forget to visit the Eyelashes Manufacturer site to get a variety of other interesting information.