Quick Tips to Clean Eyelashes – In general, women prioritize the beauty of the eyes when applying makeup when compared to other parts of the face, this is certainly natural because the eyes greatly affect the perfection of the make up used. False lashes can be a mainstay for looking perfect for some women and you can prolong the life of your false lashes. Who among you likes to use false eyelashes? How long or how many times can you use false lashes? Or are you only using it once?

There’s no need to rush to get rid of the fake lashes you already put on. Too bad if it turns out you can still use it again. But it’s dirty and can’t stick? Yups, that’s absolutely right. Therefore, you need to keep your false lashes clean even after using them to prolong their life so that they can be used many times.

Quick Tips to Clean Eyelashes

Also make sure that the false lashes you use are safe and of good quality, one of the best and quality eyelashes manufacturers is PT. Sung Shim International which produces false eyelashes with advanced technology and a team that works professionally Quick Tips to Clean Eyelashes.

The remaining mascara and glue that sticks to the false lashes produced by the eyelashes manufacturer Indonesia, will dry out your lashes and carry dirty bacteria that can be harmful to your eyes if you use them continuously.

However, there are some quick tips to clean false eyelashes that are effective, so that they can be used over and over again.

1.Clean the remaining eyelash glue that is still attached

The first step you have to do is remove or clean the remaining glue that sticks to the false lashes produced by eyelashes manufacturer indonesia Sung Shim. In addition to making your eyes uneven when using false lashes, any leftover glue can become a nest of bacteria. Use the tweezers to remove any glue from the lashes. Be careful not to tear or break the strands of the false lashes.

  1. Wash or rinse with warm water

Prepare a container filled with a little warm water, then soak the Sung Shim fake lashes for about 30 seconds to remove any traces of mascara, eyeshadow, or other makeup residue that sticks. Hot water is best used for cleaning utensils with artificial hair fibers. However, this does not apply to natural hair or hair.

  1. Clean the lashes by wiping them

To clean artificial lashes, you can use alcohol. Meanwhile, to clean lashes made from real hair like the one produced by Sung Shim, you must use a light and water-based makeup remover so that it doesn’t dry out the lashes.

Soak a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol or make-up remover, then gently wipe your lashes from base to tip to remove any remaining makeup.

  1. Give Special Care for Luxurious Eyelashes

As for false lashes with special shapes and decorations, they also require special care. Don’t soak or wipe your lashes with decorations like glitter, feathers, or even rhinestones. But you can still clean the remaining glue and clean the dirt using a cotton swab or cotton bud carefully.

Well, that’s all we can say. If you are interested in making or buying false eyelashes at PT. Sung Shim International, you can directly visit their official website. Thank you, hope it is useful.