Things to Look For When Wearing False Eyelashes – The use of false eyelashes is commonly applied by women so that their facial makeup can be maximized when attending events such as weddings or other formal events. However, there are still many women who don’t understand and master how to use the right lashes so that the results don’t look fake and messy. So how do you do it?

Things to Look For When Wearing False Eyelashes

Here we as Indonesian eyelashes manufacturer, namely PT. Sung Shim International will provide easy tips on using false lashes, and you also have to know what to pay attention to when using false lashes.

  1. Use Mascara First

Before putting on false lashes, use one layer mascara first. As reported by InStyle, using mascara serves to separate the original lashes so that they are not interconnected and pile up.

  1. Use an Eyelash Curler

Women usually put lashes directly using their bare hands without the aid of tools. This method can be done but it is feared that the lashes will not stick perfectly because of the difficulty in determining the location of the line where the real lashes grow. For that, use eyelash curlers or special tweezers that function to facilitate installation and determine where to place the lashes.

  1. Eyelash Selection

For those of you who are still not good at putting on false lashes, choose lashes that are thin and consist of four to five lashes for each lash (individual lashes). Use at least three to four ties to make it easier to attach and the result looks more natural.

  1. Transparent Eyelash Glue

There are many types of eyelash glue available in the market. But if you are not very good at using it, choose eyelash glue that will be transparent when it dries. It will cover up imperfections when attaching the lashes.

  1. How to use

Take the false lashes with an eyelash curler, then apply a little lash glue on the flat area. After that, wait for the glue to dry for five seconds and place it on the outermost part of the eye, moving towards the center right where the eyeball is to the inner corner of the eye.

After the lashes are attached, press gently with the index finger and thumb or use tweezers until they are attached to the natural lashes. In order for the strands to ‘mix’ with the real lashes, gently pinch the lashes and pinch the lashes.

  1. Eyelash Serum

If you are a person who likes to use lashes on a regular basis, you should be careful because eyelash glue can make real lashes fall out. For that, it’s good to take care of the health of your lashes by using an eyelash serum.

It looks like mascara and the color is transparent so it doesn’t interfere with your makeup. To clean the eye area from the remnants of lashes that stick, it’s a good idea to use baby oil or petroleum jelly and rub it gently until the glue is completely off the eye line.

Maybe this is the only information we can convey about Things to Look For When Wearing False Eyelashes, with the information above you can be more careful in the installation or use of false eyelashes.

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